April 29, 2011

Road Tripping

So over the long weekend I had two choices, qtown or a week long roady around the south island.  Complications with my ride to qtown meant I ended up going on the roady which all good as qtown was super busy by the sounds of it and gorge road was shut half the time. 

On day one we packed up the car, alot later than we were planning so a good start to a proper roady, went to dunners for some of the guys to pick up parts for their bikes (chaz still ended up doing the whole roady without a sprocket), then on to Oamaru and Timaru skate parks before camping just out of Methvin for the night.  The plan was to ride the indoor skate park there but the earthquake had weakened the building and we wern't allowed in.

Not a bad view to wake up to
Christchurch and Kiakora the next day, scooters galore, I'm used to no more than 2 scooter kids at a park so was quite a shock and annoyance as lots of them have no skate park etiquette.  Christchurch was awesome though the parks are awesome compared to down home.  Then Nelson for two days riding and chilling with Adrian, cheers to horse and his parents for putting up up.

Screenshot from Nelson

Reefton was next on the list and pretty much the reason for the trip.  Reefton has a huge skate park and only has afew thousand people living there so it wasn't to busy thankfully.  No skate parks really suit my style and Reefton was no exception, still fun to ride though but to ride it to its full potential you would have to be an awesome park rider.

Chaz, turndown out of the deep bowl
Next was a huge drive down the west coast to Wanaka to ride their park and the first dirt for the trip, Lismore.  I was super stoked to be riding dirt again even though I was wasted along with the rest of the crew after 7 days of tripping.  Quick stop at ferg burger to get a feed and then home.  It was a long week but was awesome fun, even learnt some new tricks at the park so cant complain with that.

Chaz and Sam getting comfy in the back

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