May 13, 2011

Southland DH champs

So I haven't raced in about 2 years because I normally cant be assed waiting around to do my run, I'd rather just pound out some laps.  I was really looking forward to doing a race again though and what better than to do a race on the hill where DH all started for me, Bluff hill.  the Southland MTB bike club had just built a new track as the old one had been logged.

My race day didn't get off to a good start, bad enough that I thought I wouldn't be able to race.  When I got picked up my bike was wheelless as I was changing over to muds, so I chucked everything in the van and we headed out.  Turns out I managed to leave my rear axle sitting on the floor at home, some things you can ride without but an axle is rather important!  Not a good start.  I rang up good old mum to see if she could bring it out for me, she could but only in time for my 1st race run.  Its normally nice to get a decent amount of runs in on a track before you race it.

Mum turned up just in time for my 1st race run so I sneaked in a quick practice, had a huge stack, and then raced back up to the top for my run.  1st run was sweet until I came out of the trees and then I couldn't see a thing because of the misty rain covering my goggles so i stopped and ripped them off, not normally the best way to get a good time but who cares it was the best fun I've had on a DH bike in awhile.  It was pretty muddy which is what I seem to enjoy the most when I DH.  We got a second race run so it was allgood, my run went sweet and I got loos so good times.

Turns out I managed to win my class and get fastest time by 7 seconds ahead of mr pro Dam Mccombie.
Maby I'll do more races again...

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