April 20, 2011


I'd always thought about building a new runin or doing some sort of upgrade to the back yard but I haven't really been home for any long period of time in the last 2 years or so.  Seeing as I'm at home for a decent period of time now I thought it was time for an upgrade; a new 4m high runin to replace the old 2m runin, a bigger kicker (still to be made) and my mate Adam put his quarter after the jump to turn you back around. 

I'd have half the paddock filled with jumps if only the ground was clay not sand but as most people will know sand doesn't really hold its shape very well so I've made do with what I've got.

All these photos are from my first day back, we quickly made the runin rideable then had a sweet session.

I hadn't really done any cork flips all season so I threw afew and they were alot easier and better than I remembered.

 Off on a 7 day roady tomorrow round the south island, with BMXers tho so itl be all park and street for me for the next week.
Cheers Sam for the pics

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