April 9, 2011

New Bike!

Well new bike for me atleast, cant complain though I'm stoked as!  I was about due to get a new DH bike after riding the same one for 2 years so cant complain with a fullybuilt proto.  Dogboy at wideopen gave me kellys bike he had been shreding on for afew months after he changed frame sponsors.

Corsair Dominion

Sweet AT Gravity Signature bar and stem

Photo: Sam Kirkwood
Seing as I havn't been riding untill today I nicked my mates camera and took afew photos on the old jump.  I used some of my time off to build a new jump and runin.  So good having a semi decent sized jump instad of the small one I used to have, its now about twice thw size it used to be thanks to the 4m runin we built.  Cheers to everyone who helped mebuild it.  So good to be back riding again!  Didnt learn anything new like I wanted but did sum combos I havnt dun all season so im stoked on that for 1st day back.

Adam getting his wip on

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  1. Sick bike Conor, Just wondering what is the radius/dimensions of that ramp? Im gonna get one built soon