January 22, 2013

Wide Open Roady

I finished work on the Monday and cruised over to Bannockburn to stay the night and halve the drive to Alexandra the next day.  I met up with Kelly, Caleb, Brett and Mike Hopkins the next morning and we trained it to Alexandra where Dogboy and Scoulsy were waiting for us at one of the local bike shops.  A quick feed then off for some DH Laps and time to set up my new bike.

After a few laps we went and checked out the 50 footer that some of the Alex boys built (John and James Pollard???).  A short pedal then a set up jump then a chute into plenty of airtime!  It was awesome fun to be sending it and watching Hopkins do his thing, sideways and flat every time.

On the second day we got showed around Naseby by Kela.  A trail ride in the morning and some jumps in the arvo.  I ended up re-shaping the old Drop-In hip and doing a few downsides which I was stoked on as I haven't don't many of them before on a proper jump.  The day was rounded out by a thunder storm and a short rain session by Kelly and Mike.

All in all it was an awesome trip and I wish it could have gone for longer but it was off home to pack for X-up Freeride Festival.

I didnt take any of my own photos but check out Mikes Website and Spoke Magazine1 and Spoke magazine 2.  There will also be an article coming out in the next spoke I think so keep an eye out for that. 

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