December 22, 2012

Biking again!

I've been pretty slack on the whole blogging thing lately but in all honesty I haven't had anything exciting to talk about, until now.  It's been over four months since I had surgery on my shoulder so I'm back into riding again, stoked!!  I've been doing a lot of trail riding over the past few weeks which has been awesome but have still been missing jumping.  Christmas has come early for me though and yesterday I picked up my new Blk Mrkt hardtail and its pretty damn sick!

Its nice and long at 22.5'' so that it feels like a 22'' Killswitch, should make it a bit nicer to jump from bike to bike.

Back in Queenstown for the summer so cant complain with that nor the view from the flat...

Cheers heaps to Dogboy at Wide Open for the bike, should be the start of a good summer!

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