July 28, 2011

Crankworks Colorado

So I tripped down to Crankworks Colorado in Winter Park with Ben Glassen, Dan Brown and Drew Vandergriend.  We drove for around 1.5 days including stops until we got to Salt Lake City where we met up with Cody Gessel.  We hung out at the local parks for the day and just chilled in the 1000 degree heat, it was so hot compared to what I'm used to back home!

We finally got to Winter Park after another 9 hours driving and went to see the course, its a pretty sweet course and the idea of it going from small to big is an awesome idea, Kyle Ebbit and crew did an awesome job!  Check out the day 1 practice vid put together by Drew, its got abit of me in there along with a sweet flip crash on the 28ft (apparently) final jump where my ass got stuck between my tyre and seat, not to nice but didn't hurt and got it sweet next try so all good.

Check out Crankworks Colorado live webcast for the qualifiers which is on at 8am (I think) NZ time tomorrow and then finals the next day starting at 7am.  http://www.crankworxcolorado.com/live_webcast.html

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