August 10, 2013

So, Europe...  This place is awesome!  There's so much to see, so many places to ride bikes and so much fun to be had.  I started off with a few weeks in Morzine smashing out laps then went to Les Duex Alpes for Crankworks.

Chalet Tacot.  Photo: Reuben Shaul

I won the amateur qualifier which got me into the main event which meant that had another qualifier which I missed a big trick on each run which was disappointing as was only a point or two qualifying for the finals but that's the way it goes.

Les Duex Alpes Quali
After Les Duex Alpes if was back to Morzine for a week packed week of riding and photos than decided would be cool to go to Andorra and watch the World Cup.  I ended up racing and have to say it was one of my favorite tracks I have ever ridden, steep, tech, loamy and just all round fun!

First jump and one of the few on course.

After Andorra I was going to go back to Morzine but got the offer of going to Pila to hang out and watch an IXS round. On the way there we stopped on the Mediterranean coast which is an amazing place with the warmest ocean I have ever swam in.  Just be careful where you order a steak on the Mediterranean coast as it might turn out to be a meat pattie similar to a McDonald's one...  Pila was an awesome place with an amazing view and some sick DH tracks including a 13 km long track down into the town of Aosta.  Also got to witness Matt Walkers horrific crash of the final jump during his quali run (at the end of the video below).

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Pila below the lake and Aosta down the bottom of the valley

So I'm back in Morzine now with about a week until I roady to Ireland with an old flatmate from QT to go see my cuzzies and hopefully ride the first set of DJs I've ridden since leaving NZ.

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