June 30, 2013

Morzine, France!

I luckily left good old N Zeeland a day before the snow hit for my extended summer.  I flew to London and chilled out there with some of my cousins for a few days while seeing the sights which was cool, love old architecture.

My first experience in a non English speaking country was a slight shock to the system, I knew basically no French but luckily I met the right people and managed to get to Morzine.  I ended up finding a room in Chalet Tacot which many a biker has stayed, its filled with a good bunch of people including another kiwi.  The number of kiwis in Morzine is off the hook, there has been a few times I've been walking down the street and I've bumped into some kiwis which is awesome.

Photo: Tom Richards
I happened to bump into Russ, an old flatmate from two summers ago in Q-town, up with a photographer shooting some photos and videos for Bike Morzine which he has set up and managed to snag a few photos of my self on the new Super Morzine trail.  Stoked on banging out some unturndowns and whips on the DHR!

Photo: Tom Richards
So far Chatel is my favorite place to ride, big jumps with consequences if you come up short which just makes them more of a rush.  Queenstown bike park take notice!  Not the consequences part necessarily but big jumps!  The mountain style course is still half covered in snow but you can tell its a lot gnarlier in the flesh than videos show, respect to all the riders which have killed it there!

Photo: Tom Richards
You can't just rock up to all Gold FMB events and ride unfortunately so I have to go to a pre quali event next weekend so hopefully that goes well and can get into a big event over here in Europe, bring it on!

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