July 30, 2012

Colorado Freeride Festival

Not really sure what to say apart from I had a blast.  Course was awesome (unsure about sand landings on a slope course though) weather played ball in the end and I walked away uninjured.

I had some major troubles with blowing up tubes, about 7 over the week, which was rather annoying to say the least.  I managed to get a reasonably solid first run in but with more left in the tank for the second run.  I started my second run like my first run with a 360 on the start drop only to blow out my tire again!

Photo:  Phil Mclean
Photo:  Phil Mclean
A big thank you to ILT for helping me get over here, I couldn't have done it without them!  I should thank Phil for lending me his tire, which I managed to bust just like my previous one, and also the dude at the Shimano truck for the tubes and lending me his tire for my final runs.  I ended up getting 12th which I'm kind of happy with but its annoying knowing that you can do better, next year ae.  The other Kiwis did well as well, Kelly got 18th and Tani landed his first ever fronty and learnt what it takes to compete at an international level.

CFF Shimano Slopestyle Qualifications and Highlights on Pinkbike

Sitting in Denver airport waiting for my flight, cant wait to get home now!  Next stop is the surgeons table to get my shoulder fixed!

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