July 23, 2012

Claymore challenge 2012

So... I got to my hotel at midday on Tuesday, quickly build up my bike, and got picked up by Josh from masterlink rides to go to the mountain and met up with the other kiwi boys Phil and Tani.  Tani, only being 17, had issues being allowed to ride as he needed a caregiver to sign the waver for him and by the time it was sorted out it was to late unfortunately.  

The first day of practice I was knackered after being on the road for a day and a half but managed to get most of what I wanted to do sorted then time for a proper sleep!!  Didn't turn out to be the best sleep I've ever had, turns out that my shoulder didn't like the way I was sleeping and decided to pop out, not ideal with qualifying taking place in under 12 hours! Thankfully Phil and Tani were there and managed to get it in, was stoked to get it in myself without needing to go to hospital but wasn't an ideal time for it to come out!  In the morning I decided I'd try ride on it (I usually wait 1-3 weeks these days) and didn't feel amazing but good enough to ride on but no crashing!  I ditched flips due to any over-rotation and my shoulder could come out and went with easier tricks, my run was a solid run but nothing special but I didn't crash and my shoulder stayed in so I'm happy with that!  

Phil didn't have much luck, crashing out in both his runs which ended up in a broken wrist.  Seeing as I didn't qualify I had a few days to lax out and take it easy, I rode the dirt jumps and did some laps of the bike park which was awesome fun.  Huge shout-out to the Highland crew they always put on a sweet event.

R-dog, 3 unturndown.  Photo: Phill

Off to Colorado now and by the sounds of it the course could be quite big so hopefully the rumors are true!

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