January 6, 2012

LOG pump track party

For all the people not in the know the LOG (League Of Gentlemen) series was created by the one and only Seb Kemp in the summer of 08/09.  FUN is the biggest component in the socially set races that range from xc to pump track parties and anything else that seems like it would be a good way to spent a Thursday evening on your bike with your mates.

Tom Hey (Q-town MTB club president) pumping one out...
So anyway last Thursday the pump track LOG was held at the Outside Sports pumptrack with prizes for best trick, fastest lap, best manual, best crash and something else I think but who knows that's the nature of these $2 unrace events.  Some of the boys from the flat made an appearance for a brief spell but then decided to be to cool and go to Gorge Road jumps but before they left Ben decided he wanted to see what he knew I was thinking about.  He put a fergburger on the line and one cant say no to a free fergburger so I sent what I had been thinking about...

Flip out of a berm - http://www.fallon.co.nz/
I've flipped out of a berm before but it was a lot steeper than this one; it worked out fine in the end though so cant complain.  Evidently I won best trick with the flip and managed to take out fastest lap as well.  Not sure who won best manual but Adrian Mcgazza and I manuald the back straight and some chick took home some sweet Oakley goggles for their crash.  See crashing is not always bad.

Cheers for all the people that made the pump track jam happen, the Q-town MTB club and of course Outside Sports for providing the venue.

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