June 26, 2011

Claymore Challenge

You'll probably know that claymore didn't go well for me, my dodgy shoulder played up again and decided to pop out.  Basically I did everything that i was comfortable with in my first run but with a fronty at the end of it because we had been told that we might end up only getting one run due to the forcasted rain. 

I had watched  Cam McCaul and Dustin Guilding frontie the freebird jump (the redbull wooden kicker) and over-rotate and both did their collarbones I think (but could be wrong) so i really didn't want to over-rotate so pulled forward ever so slightly but not enough.  I'm ripped about crashing because feel like I coulda done well but never know with judges I mighta only jumped afew places. 

Wear a fullface kids, this happened even though i was wearing one

So my first proper comp was a fail but afew good things did come out of it, i got to see what level the top riders ride at and also learnt a bunch of new tricks which was cool.

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