June 16, 2011


Off to Canada in afew days, stoked!  Cya cold damp winter.

Been hectic organising things lately and being my first time I don't have a clue about anything so just winging it and seems to be working out alright.

Dogboy air freighted me a killswitch frame from the factory to ensure it got here before I left and to allow me afew days to get some practice on it, not that i've been able tho because it hasnt stopped raining or blowing.

Its awesome!  Cant believe how much difference a 1 inch shorter top tube and a lighter build makes.  Playing around in the yard it just feels just as flickable as my hardtail.

Photo stolen from paper
 The Southland Times  ran this article in today's paper about my trip overseas, spelling my name wrong even though I made sure I gave the photographer the correct spelling, some things never change.

270 table above Lake Wakatipu

Check out Derek Morrisons website it has this sweet "reject' photo on it from my photo shoot with him.  Keep an eye out in Spoke for some of his bangers.

Id better thank ILT Foundation and the Southland MTB club for financially helping me get over seas, couldn't have got to highland without them so thanks heaps!

Next stop claymore challenge in the USA

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