December 14, 2010


I've been slack again, to much riding and not enough taking photos but that's the way it goes.  Anyways I'm now in Queenstown and have been for a week or two but unfortunately am moving back home again as my job didn't end up working out but not to worry I'm going to make sure I get back in Jan to ride/work for afew months.  Been enjoying gorge road jumps, skyline and wynyard along with afew other spots.  Did one of the League Of Gentlemen races and got completely lost up skyline, ate it super hard at remarks DH track and have been getting headaches from it for a day or two after (don't pin it down a DH track you've never done before) and had afew stupid crashes at wynyard but has still been sweet.

Table mini dream hip. Photo by Tani
Had a sweet sesh at wynyard with phil adam and adrian.  Phil was ripping it up and canned the stedown into mini dream and did a sweet superman seatgrab on the hip along with adrian getting all racer on us while still throwing down some sweet tables.

Adrian.  Photo by Phil

I have wanted to flip the hip at mini dream for awhile now and decided it was time so threw it and on my runin i sumhow managed to get offtrack and ended up taking off the small side of the lip and only pulled back the same amount i should have for the big lip...

About to eat it.  Photo by Tani

So I did it again and made sure i sent it off the bigger part of the lip but went way to fast and landed almost at the bottom of the landing on my rear wheel and came off again.  Third try got it sweet though, pretty bumbed that took that many tries to get it but know I can easily do it again now.

360 wynyard stepdown.  Photo by Tani
I had also been wanting to 360 the stepdown into mini dream ever since i got my killswitch as I had considered it on my hardtail when Tom Hey suggested it to me last wynard jam but I decided Id wait until I had a bike better suited to that style and size of riding which I now have.  Stomped it first try so was good to end the day on a high.


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