August 10, 2010

Hey guys,

I don't really know how to start this so I thought I'd start out with a small intro about myself and some photos but first up for those who dont know me my name is Conor Macfarlane and i live in Otatara (my way of not saying Invercargill) and Dunners for uni.

I started out playing around on my bike in the back yard (which mum and dad were very good about and let me make whatever I wanted) trying to jump.  My neighbour then convinced me to do a XC race and i did quite well so i stuck at it, so yes I wore lycra once upon a time but I am proud to say I never shaved my legs!  I competed to a high level but then gave up as the training was taking up to much time which meant there was not enough time to jump and DH.

Gorge rd before the upgrade.  Credit: James Allen
Possibly the worst trick ever
Oceania MTB champs - Thredbo Aus (4th)

Got to love having jumps in your back yard, no matter how small they might be.

2-up, Adrian and I in my back yard

Over the past summer I progressed more than I could have dreamed of.  I progressed for a number of reasons, first is that I had the opportunities to go to lots of good riding spots, second is realising that to do well you have to go big (thanks Mcgazza) which payed off throughout the season and lastly just going to comps for the first time and pushing myself as far as I could.  Anyways here's a photo overload.  Thanks to all the photogs especially Greig


Wynyard jam
360 drop, Farm Jam.
Hindon DH race, mass starts are the best! I snagged 1st place.
Kaitangata DH race.  Credit: Adam
Backyard.  Credit: Ruari Macfarlane
Farm jam
corking it

Farm jam practice
Lax ride after farm jam
1 foot xup flip, Wynyard jam
Farm jam. 1st place!  stoked

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