May 19, 2013

Getting ready for Europe

I'm already missing summer, or good weather at least, so why not go over to Europe and  try to catch some more sun...

The lads at WideOpen gave me this puppy to take over and shred; race machine!

I don't do that many races but if the chance comes my way while I'm over the other side of the world I may just see how I can compare to some euros.

And on the topic of racing I entered my first enduro a week ago at Bluff hill and had a ball, so much of a ball in fact that I may just do a few more next summer.  I managed to beat Buzz, one of the Queenstown locals this summer, by a whole 3 seconds over the 3 stage race which placed me second overall behind the unbeaten Ryan Cull.  Ever since I gave up competitive xc racing 5 or 6 years ago Ryan has won every club race he has entered and it was no different at this race so hats off to him! 

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