April 6, 2013

Teva Slopestyle 2013

Teva Slopestyle went off this year!  I don't have anything bad to say about the event, the course worked perfect, judging was fair, crowd was twice the size of last year and all the riders had an awesome time.  I had popped in over the week before the event took place and watched/ helped a little as the course took shape. By Tuesday the course was ready to test out, everything worked perfect first go and nothing had to be changed, pretty good if you ask me.

First hit on the stepdown so excuse the terrible looking style.  Photo: James Clark
It was good to get a few tricks out f the way on the Tuesday and know what the course rode like so I could think about what I wanted to try the next day.  Practice on Wednesday was sweet, it was more of a big session with all the boys throwing down which always makes it easier for you to throw down as well.  I managed to get most of the tricks I wanted to try out of the way including learning flairs, stoked!

Flair with the boys looking on.  Photo: Caleb Smith
Thursday was much the same as Wednesday during the day with some sweet sessions going down.  As 6 pm rolled around the crowd started turning up and we were herded up the roll in ramp.  We got to watch the amateurs show their stuff which was pretty impressive, some were doing runs as good as and better than some of the pros runs which was cool.

Flip during practice, almost under-rotated this one hence the posture.  

My first run went perfect apart from washing out on the flair at the end which was annoying but I cant complain about that with only learning them the day before.  On my second run I went for a 540 on the quarter to play it safe and get a good run under my belt.  The run went as planned so the next run I could throw more into it, I tried a t-wip onto the fruitbowl which I had been doing in practice but slipped a foot so was run over.  My second run was enough for 3rd which I was stoked on!  Going into the comp I was thinking I would be stoked to make it into the final with all the international and homegrown talent that were going to be attending the event so 3rd was awesome!

T-wip during practice

1st Sam P, 2nd Thomas, 3rd Me, 4th Chad, 5th Sam D
I'd like to thank all the people who helped put the event on and made it run smoothly, cant wait for next year!

2013 Teva Slopestyle Finals Day from firstfloor on Vimeo.

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