September 28, 2012


So its been five and a bit weeks since my surgery and all is going well.  I'm starting to get more movement and can use it for a few more things but still no weight bearing for another six weeks.  I had a meeting with my surgeon the other day to make sure the screws had not gone to far and poked out the other side of the bone they screw into, thankfully all was good.

So what my surgery did is basically provide more surface space in the shoulder socket.  This means that the shoulder needs to go a lot further before it pops out although it comes with less flexibility and movement.  They did this by cutting off a bone elsewhere in my shoulder and re-positioning it by my shoulder socket.  Along with more surface area I think there was a muscle that was attached to the bone that got re-positioned which also helps prevent the shoulder leaving its socket.

So all I do these days to entertain myself is assignments and running, yes running.  I used to hate running but when you can't do any other activity running is awesome!  And a good way to get fit for some up and coming super D races...

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