June 8, 2012

Trail Bike

As some of you might know when I started out riding I did a lot of xc... until I got sick of training.  Not long after I gave up on training I woke up one morning only to find some thieving scum decided they wanted to steal my bike and sell it for a fraction of what it was worth (a bike shop found the fox forks, xt brakes and front wheel, all worth quite a lot of money, on a Bauer that some lucky person bought for $100).  So from then on I have never had a good bike to pound out xc laps on until now.

I had most of the parts lying around so bought a frame and fork and built it all up, so stoked to have a good bike to go out for trail/xc rides on again.  Im already planning upgrades and with the thrashing it will get the upgrades will be burly in time for a Queenstown summer.

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