February 26, 2012

Farm Jam 2012

So if you don't already know the weather at Farm Jam 2012 wasn't the kindest to us but we managed to have a good time nun the less (or I did at least).  I was planning on going out to the farm on Thursday but the weather didn't look to favorable so left it until Friday.  Friday had small fine spells but nothing that allowed the jumps to dry out unfortunately.  We found out that the airbag was going to be set up in Invercargill on Friday evening so we hit that up (in-between rain showers) for something to do and headed to the farm to stay the night.

Photo: Camilla Stoddart/Unit

We woke up in the morning hoping the weather would be kinder to us than the past few days but we weren't so lucky.  We did have some good breaks in the rain that allowed the jumps to dry out just enough to have a short ride abound midday.  This was practice for everyone as no one had ridden them in the past few days but the session didn't take long to get pretty insane with everyone throwing down.  For me watching Kyle Baldock was the highlight, perfect 360 flips flipwips etc.  Rain shut down the session after about an hour with last run glory going to Brandon Doosch whos rear wheel slipped out on the second takeoff but somehow managed to hold it together!

Unturndown the 'love triangle'.  Photo: Kalem Dow

Most people (including me) seemed to think that that would be the end of the riding for the day but an hour or two later it had dried up enough to ride again.  We managed to have an awesome 1 hour session, with everyone throwing down, before the rain set back in.

Thomas (on the left) showed us all how good you have to be to be one of the best  riders in Europe.

In the end the FMX was the only comp that ended up going down due to the weather, a bit unfortunate as some of the riders had come a long way for the event but you cant control the weather.  For me, even though we didn't get to ride much, it was just as much fun as last year.  Trying to get sneaky runs in before it started raining again, huge trains and just all round fun on your bike which its all about!

If you haven't seen the Red Bull video hit the link - Redbull Farm Jam 2012

So cheers heaps to the Frews and all the helpers and volunteers who made it happen!

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Tailwip 2nd hip.  Photo: Kalem Dow

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