September 5, 2011

Cya Whistler

So I'm back home now working on all the tricks I didn't want to try straight to the rock hard dirt jumps in Whistler and so far so good.  Back to Whistler though, I ended up leaving at the perfect time as I felt I had done everything I had gone there to do and was just starting to get the DJ bug back again after having the DH bug for most of my trip.

I would have a video of my trip made by now but my computer decided it didn't want to work for me (it actually crashed when I was doing some editing) so you'll have to make do with and edit that Ben Tyas put together.  Its a sweet edit showing a good chunk of the kiwi boys that were in Whistler doing what they do best.

Whistler Kiwi Style on

I've also got afew photos from Whistler floating around so enjoy.

James Allan photo

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