August 14, 2011


The rest of my time in Canada will be spent in Whistler doing whatever pops up.  The other day Adrian Dom and I decided we wanted to do a full day of DH, not to try do as many runs as we could just to complete it without dieing...  Afew people told us we wouldn't make it due to our hands and arms getting to sore, which you might not understand unless you have done lots of runs in whistler or a bike park.  Full on DH race tracks that are rough rocky and rooty aren't to bad its the runs like Aline that have lots of small braking bumps that hurt your hands.  Anyways we managed to last a full day and ended up doing 35 runs which totalled over 12000 vertical meters, I'm glad I did it but don't think I'll be doing it again any time soon.

River jumps are always a good time especially when a good session gets going, theres a ton of riders here of all abilities including absolute shredders which is awesome, makes you push yourself that much more.

One of my favourite new tricks, if you can tell what it is.
Cheers to Dom for the photos
Even though Whistler is the "capital of the world" for mountain biking you cant always find what you need to fix your bike, one snapped bolt and I'm out for afew days so sightseeing it is for me.

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