February 18, 2011

Q-town life 2

Queenstowns only getting better, better weather and better sessions.  Been pounding out runs up skyline but my bike managed to get a hole in the downtube when a rock hit it so no DHing for awile.  Been water jumping abit lately trying to get some new tricks down before farm jam, bring it on!

Just got word from the man himself, Luke Mccombo, that theres a water session tomorrow then superbooter so hopefully we can nail some new tricks to dirt.

I just built up a bike of old and spare parts and the bike somehow feels good to ride except for forks that don't work.  Buoyancy isn't a problem either like we thought it might be, the bike manages to float without any extra buoyancy devices strapped to it.

Chris has been busy taking awesome pics again and editing them into sequences so enjoy.

Luke 3 tuck (was fully extended but in between frames)

Luke flat 3

Me fronty sequence

Luke - he can nail tuck flips to dirt but not water

Me tuck flip

Luke fronty

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